Your second home at İzmir

This is a story which has started in 1922. The Commercial Press House was founded by The Honorable Rasit Yilmaz(deceased), gave the first publication by a manual printing machine in Izmir's liberation anniversary. The Commercial Press house has been honored to publish the first Commercial Newspaper of Turkey and The Press House has been developed and expanded in conjuction with the Newspaper.

First of all, The Company has begun with "Bohemian" architectured 10-roomed Coast MarinaApart in lodging industry and targeting the growth and development in the tourism branch in July 2005; We have started MYHOTEL the first boutique hotel in Izmir. The "Purism" architectured and 30-roomed MyHotel has been working to ensure absolute customer satisfaction and enhance its quality everyday and offer the comfort as good as in your own home.

My Plaza has been put into operation in 2013, aiming to break grounds of Izmir. 80 dividual corporate companies have been carrying on business within the scope of My Plaza.